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Re: [John Muir Trail] Crossing Tioga Road

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Wow Jim, this was a very interesting lesson in trail history. Great post! ... Visit my Google Profile (lots of very interesting research
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 27, 2013
      Wow Jim, this was a very interesting lesson in trail history.  Great post!
      Visit my Google Profile (lots of very interesting research links)

      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 12:44 AM, Jim Ringland <jtringl@...> wrote:

      On the contrary, that little section north of highway 120 is rich in Yosemite history and absolutely belongs on a JMT excursion.  It goes past Soda Springs and Parson's Lodge: old Sierra Club haunts from before the era of the Tioga Road.    The little cabin over the springs was built in 1889.  The area was the site of the first Sierra Club High Trip in 1901 (including, of course, John Muir and daughters Helen and Wanda).  Parson's Lodge was built by the Club in 1915.  Adjacent is the McCauley cabin, built in 1898.  McCauley too was all over early Yosemite.  He arranged to have the Four Mile Trail built and then established the first hotel up at Glacier Point.  So despite the siren calls of the burger ... or perhaps in addition to them ... hike the whole trail: cross the road and see a piece of Yosemite history.

      Jim Ringland


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      My maps indicate that the JMT crosses the Tioga Road near the Tuolumne Visitor's Center and takes a nice trip through the meadows before skirting around the front side of Lembert Dome and recrossing Tioga Road near the wilderness permit center. I've walked around this area many times in the past and I seem to recall JMT signage. However, from the trail journals I have read, it seems like pretty much everyone makes a straight line to either the Tuolumne Store/Grill or the campground.

      I'm curious whether people are avoiding crossing the Tioga Road due to fears of invalidating their wilderness permit or just being really eager for a burger at the grill? I've read that crossing a road is equivalent to ending a trip on a issued permit and that you need another if you wish to re-enter the wilderness.

      In most things I'm somewhat of a purist so I want to hike the entire John Muir Trail. I even plan to hike the JMT side of the MTR "triangle" (yes, I know, obsessive...). What I don't want is a Ranger deciding to hassle me if he sees me cross the Tioga Road with my pack and asks for my permit. I wouldn't THINK this should happen but the stories of backcountry rangers being rigorous about permit checking has me a bit concerned.

      I've never read about anyone having an issue with this but thought I would see if anyone here knows. (I'm sure that I'm being totally paranoid ... )

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