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Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: A question about altitude sickness

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  • Jgoring1
    Hi Roleigh No, I don t think we would go for anything more then Ibuprophen. And drink more water... And find a remote rock to make use of the WAG bag! I
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 24, 2013
      Hi Roleigh 

      No, I don't think we would go for anything more then Ibuprophen.  And drink more water... And find a remote rock to make use of the WAG bag!  I confess that on the following year my daughter and I did the HST, and on that trip I succommed to altitude sickness on Whitney.  I was in poorer shape, and had given the water bottle to the daughter who mercilessly left me in the dust as she waltzed up after trail crest.  All my years of disdainfully regarding the portal hikers who toss their cookies on the peak.. And .. Yeah.. That was me that year!

      Didn't talk to doctor.  It was more irritating than incapacitating.  And as soon as he was half way down to trail camp he was back in mountain goat form.  

      Jim G

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      On Feb 24, 2013, at 11:09 AM, Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote:


      I'm not saying counter examples do not exist.  My posting was to make it clear that the need for diamox is not universal, but rather limited.  

      J, (what's your first name), if you did it over again, would you have brought diamox?  Did you talk to a doctor about your son's experience?  What did you learn?

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      On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Jgoring1 <jgoring1@...> wrote:

      Now you've done it!  Here comes the avalanche of counter examples!..  My son (16) daughter and I started at HI in August 2011 and had absolutely no problems with altitude sickness.... Until the last day on the stretch between trail crest and the peak of Whitney.  My son, who was an absolute mountain goat the whole trip, finally succumbed to head ache, nausea, paleness.. The whole deal.  He made it up and back OK, but wasn't a happy camper.  Of course, could also have been his self imposed ban on using the Wag Bag.. Which left him no alternative but to make it down to the portal pronto!   I know, I know.. TMI. 

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      On Feb 24, 2013, at 10:30 AM, Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote:


      I have hiked the JMT 5 times.  Nobody I have hiked with (and I always form a group) have gotten altitude sickness starting at Yosemite Valley and hiking at the pace we hike.  I have seen altitude sickness occur in our groups three times but in each case the member started either at Red's Meadow for the hike or Muir Trail Ranch for the hike.  Those who start at Happy Isles do not have a problem requiring any medication.  My sports medicine doctor advises taking an advil or ibuferon the morning of doing any passes.  That has been sufficient for those starting in Happy Isles to do Donahue Pass.  Nobody in our group has ever brought along Diamox.

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