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Amount of food that fits in a bearcan

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  • John Ladd
    Google tells me that 702 cu. in (the Bearvault 500 capacity) = 389 fluid ounces. So how many miles could you go if you were really, really careful about
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012
      Google tells me that 

      702 cu. in (the Bearvault 500 capacity) = 389 fluid ounces.

      So how many miles could you go if you were really, really careful about bringing only high-calorie very compact, very packable food?

      Ignoring olive oil or ghee, the single food that fits the bill best would probably be peanut butter, 170 calories per ounce of weight and probably a little more per fluid ounce, since it would sink in water.  

      Almond butter, macadamia nut butter are a bit more calorie dense per fluid ounce and olive oil, coconut oil, ghee a lot more (about 225). Hard pepperoni, hard dried cheeses, high oil-content chocolate are a bit less (maybe 125-150).  Hummus powder, cornmeal and couscous are quite a bit less but still provide a lot of calories per fluid ounce (maybe 80-100)

      So if you could average the same as peanut butter (you probably can't), 389 fluid ounces times 170 calories per fluid ounce, you could get 66,130 calories into a Bearvault 500 or enough for about 265 miles (using a rule of thumb of 250 calories per mile that seems to work for many of us).  Using the same logic on a Bearikade Expedition (900 cu in) you get a theoretic max mileage of 340 miles.  Add the first day food that doesn't fit the can, I figure a theoretic max of 280-355 miles on one bearcan.

      Being more realistic than thinking about hiking 300+ miles on peanut butter, I do think that a Bearikade Expedition could support most people on a hike from Muir Trail Ranch to Whitney Portal (112 miles) if they were avoided space-inefficient foods like instant rice, oatmeal, freeze dried food, Ramen, jerky and other common trail favorites and followed the packing suggestions made earlier in this thread and the companion one.  If you put something that is fully dehydrated in a baggie or jar and it feels dense, like a bag of peanut butter or hunk of dry cheese or big pepperoni chub in your hand, it should provide you lots of calories in minimal space.  If it feels light and airy like instant rice, don't bring it unless you really, really want it or can't think of a denser substitute like couscous.

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
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      On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 8:07 PM, rnperky@... <rnperky@...> wrote:
      > Eric, Does your pack have the capacity for a Bearikade Expidition? If so, it looks like it will hold a lot more food for you:
      > BV 500, 11.5 litres = 702 cu. in.
      > Bearikade Expedition, 14.75 litres = 900 cu. in.
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