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  • robert shattuck
    While I wait for someone to get out of the shower so we can make the drive out to Mr. Muir s digs, I thought I would pass along one of the PCTer sites I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2012
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      While I wait for someone to get out of the shower so we can make the drive out to Mr. Muir's digs, I thought I would 
      pass along one of the PCTer sites I've been following: 


      The best part about her most recent posting . . . everything from a guy in a wedding dress to yet another child on the trail . . . gotta break the those records! 

      Already the youngest to thru hike the PCT (at age 11 last year), Sunshine and her dad, Balls are fast on their way to completing their triple crown with the AT this summer and the CDT in 2013. Yay!!!
      My idol! Section hiking the PCT over 4 summers (this is her third). Always up to date with the newest gear, apps, web ideas, and anything hiking. She ROCKS!!!
      Heart is a 58yr old solo hiker on her first thru hike. She was very supportive to me on my hike and I am excited to now follow her journey on the PCT.
      His plan is to hike the PCT in 26wks wearing 26 different wedding gowns. At first, I was very turned off, but this piece of "performance art" is unique and artistic. Just for the spectacle of it all, I have to see how it works out.
      Seth and Kristin are a young couple attempting their first thru hike on the PCT. What's unique is that they hope to share their experiences through amateur radio as they hike. The audio streams will be available through their website.
      Sierra, an 8yr old girl attempting to thru hike the PCT with her mom. In 2010, when she turned 7, she thru hiked the JMT, so she definitely knows what she's in for. Good luck!



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