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Re: Resupply, Bears , Food storage

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  • Frank Martin
    ... reasons why I m hiking ... Vidette Meadow on ... will have consumed my ... I certainly agree that ... Just be aware that where the bear boxes are is where
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 23, 2008
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      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "John Karpinski" <jckarpin@...>
      > Not being able to get ALL of my food in the canister is one of the
      reasons why I'm hiking
      > South to North. They have bear boxes in place as far north as Lower
      Vidette Meadow on
      > Bubbs Creek so your overflow food can go in those. By that time I
      will have consumed my
      > overflow food and you will be legal to my planned resupply at MTR.
      I certainly agree that
      > it's important to follow these measures to keep wild bears, wild.
      > Starting hike on 7/27,
      > John Karpinski

      Just be aware that where the bear boxes are is where you are most
      likely to find the bears. This is where a lot of people camp and
      usually someone gets 'sloppy' and forgets something. The bears play
      the %'s.

      Proceeding further North there are BB at Rae Lakes and at the Bridge
      Trail Junction at the base of Pinchot Pass.
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