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Memories Day 9

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  • hmdsierra
    Day 9 Aug 9, 1982 We were visited by a ghost bear last night. I awoke to see the shape of a bear just beyond flashlight range. I stared and stared and it
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      Day 9 Aug 9, 1982<br>We were visited by a ghost
      bear last night. I awoke to see the shape of a bear
      just beyond flashlight range. I stared and stared and
      it looked like it moved and it didn't look like it.
      I finally figured it was my imagination, maybe. In
      the morning it turned out to be a stump and it still
      hadn't moved. At the time the trail junction was in the
      forest but when I returned in '92 an avalanch had
      removed all the trees. Under way 8:45, have to remedy
      this abberation of starting so early. I try to
      identify a flower every day, today it is the Mountain
      Bluebell. On the way to Silver Pass we passed two groups
      going north. Their stories, bears ahead south of Muir
      Pass. We will hear similar tales all the way down. We
      ran into a fair amount of snow before the pass but it
      was clear on the south side. The view from Silver
      Pass north is as good as that from Donahue. Makes
      sense since it is the same view backwards. It's all
      there; Banner, Ritter, the Minerets. Words fail me it
      just has to be seen. We spent a half hour at the pass
      and found a second flower, Drabo, just growing out of
      a small crack in the rock. We started down from the
      pass and the next people we ran into had horror tales
      of stream crossings. Just past a meadow that I can't
      remember the name of now the trail breaks out onto a
      hillside with a grand view of the north fork of Mono Ck.,
      a very deep and wide U-shaped canyon. Then the
      trail switchbacks downs to the base of the cascading
      creek from the meadow above. It was running quite full
      and was an exiting sight. A little further on we came
      tof the crossing of the N. fork Mono Ck. It also was
      running quite full. We went upstream a ways and found two
      logs crossing the torrent. I started off with one foot
      on each log but the farther I got the more
      vertically seperated they became. With each step I leaned
      over a little more until I was on hands and knees for
      the last 10 feet. I took off my pack, started to
      breath again and went to help Owen. Owen didn't need any
      he put his feet on the lower log and his hands on
      the upper and moved sideways. The next person we ran
      into had left the Mexican border on 5/27 and was
      headed to Oregon. he also told us he had see a grizzly
      at Mono Hot Spgs. Our eyes rolled and then he said
      they were using it to make a commercial. When we next
      saw Gary we couldn't wait to tell him but he already
      knew because they had also made one of the commercials
      in Bakersfield. Every time I saw one of those
      commercials I was reminded of that encounter. We continued on
      past Pocket Mdw. where we saw a camp which later
      turned out to be that of a friend who was at Mott Lk.
      that day. We finally arrived at Mono Ck. crossing
      after Owen asking only 3 times how much farther. We
      made camp at a site on the north side of the creek
      just downstream of the bridge. It was on top of a
      small cliff with a view down to the bridge and had a
      nich bench. Wood is plentiful here just near camp,
      which is a surprise considerding the number of people
      here. I soaked my feet in the creek until I could feel
      them again and we fixed dinner. Near that time a
      couple came walking down the trail, the woman walking in
      sock feet and carrying her boots. They had come from
      Mosquito Flat and were headed to Mono Hot Spgs. They asked
      how much farther I said 10 miles or so and suggested
      they stop for the night. They did and immediately
      rolled out their bags. 10.9 hard miles today.
    • tiocampo
      Here is my opinion on the snowpack: At this time, it is pretty much normal or slightly below. The snowpack will dwindle pretty much as usual, unless
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        Here is my opinion on the snowpack: <br><br>At
        this time, it is pretty much normal or slightly below.
        The snowpack will dwindle pretty much as usual,
        unless there are some new major storms. <br><br>Whatever
        the JMT veterans would say about "normal year
        conditions" should apply this year. Last year was
        exceptionally dry in the high country. This year will certainly
        have more snowpack, but nothing like 1983 or 1997.
        <br><br>But hey, it might snow some more! Winter ain't over
        yet, but the probabilities are dwindling.<br><br>Here
        is my tip on interpreting the snow water equivalents
        shown for individual sensor sites: <br><br>loose, new
        fallen snow is deeper, say up to 12 inches of snow to 1
        inch of precip<br><br>dense, old snow is less deep,
        say from 3 to 6 inches of snow to 1 inch of precip.
        This is applicable when daytime air temps have been
        above freezing for a while<br><br>Have a great time,
        whatever you decide to do!<br><br>Best Regards,<br><br>FRF
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