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Re: Conclusions on Transportation, Backcountry Ranger Authority and fishing.

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  • John Karpinski
    H, Though it is good practice, I don t think barbless hooks are required in the upper tributaries of the Kern, Kings San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rivers that are
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 10, 2008
      Though it is good practice, I don't think barbless hooks are required in the upper
      tributaries of the Kern, Kings San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rivers that are along the JMT.
      The California Freshwater Fishing Regs have always been an adventure in understanding,
      but I guess it is a very complex state in terms of the water resources.
      Download the pdf file at: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/regulations/
      Click on the 2008/09 Freshwater Regs.

      I have rarely run across a backcountry ranger in the Sierras in all my years of hiking so I
      can't speak to that. I've always tried to legal because I feel the regs are fair and are there
      to maintain the quality of the wilderness experience.
      > Question: What authority do backcountry rangers have? I would guess
      > they can check permits, bear canister and fishing license. They will
      > probably want to inspect fishing hook being used to make sure they are
      > barbless. But they don't have the right to go through your pack
      > entirely do they? For example, if you got on the bad side of one, how
      > far could they legally go? Can you be detained for any reason and held
      > for the police? Also, are they always in uniform or can they look like
      > any regular hiker. Are they carrying firearms? These may seem like
      > unusual questions, and I do not expect any problems. But, when problems
      > come, I find being prepared, knowing your rights and the law is better
      > than not.
      > And this is a minor point, but I was planning on crushing the barbs on
      > any lure I was using, but leaving the barbs uncrushed on flies and
      > lures in the 'tackle box' until actually using them. Is this a problem,
      > or do all hooks in your possession (not just the ones in use) have to
      > be barbless? I was thinking 'why bother crushing them all, since any
      > unused ones can be used with their barbs intact elsewhere after the
      > trip?'. Anyone know about this? Maybe it is a small issue and all barbs
      > of all hooks taken on the trip should be precrushed.
      > So far, any interaction with yosemite employees has been very positive,
      > as is usually the case with government authorities. But there have been
      > some real doozey (sp?)of exceptions.
      > Thank you,
      > H
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