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Re: To stake or not to stake

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  • Don
    You say your tent wouldn t go walkies when set up. So what keeps it from doing the walkies in 40+ winds? I would take stakes. I ve never found a camp site on
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      You say your tent "wouldn't go walkies" when set up. So what keeps it from doing the walkies in 40+ winds? I would take stakes. I've never found a camp site on the JMT where I couldn't use stakes. Admittedly there have been a few times when I've had to use a handy rock to supplement a less than secure stake. Like all campsites where ever you try to put in a stake you'll hit a rock. That's why I prefer very thin stakes they seem to find their way around underground rocks much more so than a heavy stakes but my experience seems to be different than another poster. I would recommend carrying an extra stake also--if you do you'll probably not need it. If you don't I guarantee you will. Think about painting the upper area of your stakes with hi-viz paint--make them much easier to find when someone trips over one and it goes flying into the bush.


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      > While I was sawing the end off my toothbrush this morning to make it lighter (just kidding) I wondered if I really needed the tent stakes, what is the consensus? Is it all granite and you couldn't drive a stake in anyway? My tent is fairly well mannered and wouldn't go walkies anyway once it's set up, but what kind of ground are we talking about? I know the web site says not to tent on vegetation, so is there soft ground to take the stakes?
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