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Re: North Lake to WP in June

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  • Kevin Aston
    I guess we are going July 7th,08. We got our permits yesterday. We are hoping to average 10+ miles a day and pop out on the 18th. We figure we have about 130
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2008
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      I guess we are going July 7th,08. We got our permits yesterday. We
      are hoping to average 10+ miles a day and pop out on the 18th. We
      figure we have about 130 miles from North Lake trailhead to the
      portal. We did about 100 miles of the trail each of the last two
      years (repeating from Reds to Vermillion) and plan on finishing the
      rest of the JMT this year. Thanks for your input.

      For any of you who have been looking at my site and GPS coordinates,
      sorry I accidently placed a password on it and didn't realize it for
      a week. I went from 50 hits a day to 0 for a week, but it has slowly
      come back up. Sorry about the password thing.

      Kevin Aston

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "John Randall"
      <sierra_marmot@...> wrote:
      > Plan a couple of extra days. It's a real adventure; the people you
      > meet will all be PCT thru-hikers and they've post-holed a path for
      > you. I've done it three times in three completely different
      > conditions. I love the scenery in June; the snow adds incredible
      > definition to your photos.
      > Be mentally prepared to make the devil's choice; camp high in order
      > to get over the passes by mid-morning (before the rain and
      > thunderstorms, which will last until sundown) but you'll have to
      > cross over icy snow fields; or camp low to allow the ice on the
      > snowfields to slush up but face storms by late-morning. It's my
      > observation that "average" in June means rain and storms, long snow
      > fields and wet boots. But, that said; it's a thrilling adventure,
      > do-able, and your pictures/and views will be awesome. But, you're
      > going to get wet.
      > Evolution Basin will be a large snowfield all the way from
      > Lake to Muir Pass and beyond. It's not tough uphill but it's a long
      > wet slog. Make sure you don't hike down the center of the basin
      > because you'll be hiking over the lakes; a hiker drowned in
      > Evolution Lake by falling through the ice two years ago.
      > I fell on the ice field on the north side of Mather in '02 when I
      > tried to cross it before the sun had a chance to slosh it up a
      > Of course, I was wearing lightweight shoes. Snapped a hiking pole
      > like it was a twig and started to slide; no ice ax but went into
      > arrest position and God put my hand into the hole where my pole had
      > been to stop my fall before it started. I was able to dig finger
      > holds with my left hand and slip-slide back to where I started.
      > Each of the passes has their own issues which I won't bore you
      > but the main issue is how well you can handle being wet; Evolution
      > creek, upper Kings and all the side streams coming down to and up
      > from Woods Creek can turn an adventure into a grind if you're not
      > prepared for it, or if you're trying to do thru-hiker miles.
      > Good luck and take care,
      > John Randall
      > Birmingham, AL
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