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Re: Utra-lite camping gear

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  • Frank Martin
    ... I plan on finishing the stretch from over Piute pass to ... Hi Kevin, Here are some resources that I use. Start with the big three .Tent, sleeping bag
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 6, 2007
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      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Aston" <kevin@...> wrote:
      I plan on finishing the stretch from over Piute pass to
      > the portal in 2008. Each of us when we hurt our backs we were 52 years
      > old. None of us will be 52 in 2008, so we can get it done. I have had
      > two back surgeries, including L4-L5, and L5-S1 in 1997, L2-L3, and a
      > neck fusion joining C5-6-7 in 2005. In in some ways it is amazing that
      > I can do this at all. I am hoping to go ultra-lite in 2008 so anyone
      > that has any good suggestions about, clothing, cameras, stoves, tents
      > and types of light weight food, or other stuff, please email me at
      > kevin@... or give them on the JMT discussion group, and I
      > will post your suggestions on my site at www.kevinaston.com.
      > done yet.
      > Thanks

      > Kevin Aston

      Hi Kevin,

      Here are some resources that I use. Start with the 'big three'.Tent,
      sleeping bag and pack'. Don't choose a pack till you have your gear
      assembled I currently use a Gatewood Cape as my poncho, (raingear),
      packcover and shelter. It rarely rains at night in the Sierra but if
      it does this will suffice.People seem to favor the new packs from ULA


      Ultralight Backpacking


      Homepage for backpacking Light Group. Very active information Group.
      It is best to access info from the Home/Group Page rather than
      individual e-mails. With almost 6000 members it generates a lot of

      This is the light gear forums page.
      There is a gear swap page here where people buy/sell used gear.

      Backpacking Light
      This is a fee based group for Ultralight Backpacking.
      But you can join the forums for free and they also have a gear swap
      group and a gear deal group.

      Homepage for JMT Group on Yahoo Groups.
      Pretty dead during the Winter months but good info source once that it
      gets going. Alos good place to find someone to hike the Trail with.

      Trail Talk Trip Page from Backpacker.com
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