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thanks for the fishing info

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  • Kevin Aston
    Hi Kevin Thanks for the fishing tips. I didn t get them until I had already left but I read them at Vermilion. Thanks for doing all that. I saw a lot of fish
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2007
      Hi Kevin

      Thanks for the fishing tips. I didn't get them until I had already left
      but I read them at Vermilion. Thanks for doing all that.

      I saw a lot of fish out there. Amazing around the gem lakes area.

      The info got removed from my email server so if you still have a copy,
      it would be great if you could re-send or post to the whole group.


      Hi Fred
      I am a big fan of catch and release fishing. The only time that I keep
      anything is if I am going to eat it in the next 1/2 hour. Because of
      that I try to fish with methods that don't hurt the fish too much. I
      sometimes fly fish, but fly fishing is so affected by the wind, and the
      tree behind you that there are lots of times that I cannot fly fish and
      enjoy it. There are a lot of times I will pack both a fly pole and a
      spin cast, but I do not want the weight of both on a 200 mile
      backpacking trip so I choose to use the spincast. I have found that
      most fish, in most places like to chase Panther Martin lures. (I ought
      to get paid for saying this). My favorite is a size 4 all brass Panther
      Martin. Out of the 60 or so fish I caught between Tuolumne Meadows and
      Vermillion, all but 3 were caught on this lure. I caught fish in lakes,
      slow streams, and even in pools in the fast water in places you
      wouldn't think there were fish. I like to use smaller lures as the fish
      are surfacing in the evening, and try to hold my pole high and have the
      lure as close to the surface as I can get it and the fish will take it
      right along with the bugs on the water. Here is a list of what I am
      taking with me on my July trip from Reds to the Portal. I have:
      (1) 6PMD-G 1/4 OZ ALL BRASS
      (6) 4PMD-G 1/8 OZ ALL BRASS
      (1) 2PMD-G 1/16 OZ ALL BRASS

      I can throw the KASTMASTERs a mile and hope to get out into a lake
      where there are some bigger fish. I didn't catch anything last time
      over about 10 inches. I also like to use either 4 or 6 lb line as you
      can cast farther with thinner line, but have to be careful so you don't
      get caught on things that will break your line. My favoite line is
      called Iron Silk. It has a green look to it, but the fish don't seem to
      mind and it outlasts most of the other lines I have used. By the way
      all of these lures will fit in a small pill bottle so you don't have to
      have a tackle box of some sort. I also pack a fish hook sharpener. It
      will make an beat up lure work like a new one. If you look at the
      pictures of my fish caught at http://kevinaston.com/Fish.html , all of
      the trout on my site were caught with a Panther Martin. Some of the
      pictures show the lure still hanging out of the fishes mouth. It may
      seem like a big hastle to pack a fishing pole and go fishing, but I
      find it gives me something else to think about than my sore feet, and
      boy fresh fish tastes good when you have had just freeze dried stuff
      for a while. An out of state Calif fishing licence is about $33.00 for
      a 10 day permit. I buy 2 permits. A year long permit is about $90.

      Happy Fishing
      Kevin A
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