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Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: water purification

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    I ve used a Steripen adventurer for 2 years. The first first time I had it out it stopped working. Turned out it was too sensitive. It will only work in
    Message 1 of 15 , May 24, 2011
      I've used a Steripen adventurer for 2 years.  The first first time I had it out it stopped working. Turned out it was too sensitive.  It will only work in water, not out of it and there was something up with the setting. I returned it, it was fixed and has been fine since. I used it for 2 of us for 9 days in the Sierras, about 6-8L a day total, and no need to change the batteries. I always take back up Micropur tabs.

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      Howdy Judy!

      Yes, the PUR filters are a little heavy and bulky, but they work reliably. Not much to go wrong with them, and as long as you remember to take your time and pump the water slowly, they just don't break down. I have been carrying one of them on ALL my hikes and have never had any problems.

      The SteriPen idea is cool, but I have heard from MANY people that the batteries die very quickly. One guy I know only got to use his for 3 days on a JMT hike before it just stopped working.

      The Sawyer filter is quick and easy, but doesn't have as small a filter/pore size as the PUR. It will take out giardia, but that is about it.

      I DON'T like the MSR Hyperflow or the other new "gravity fed" filters. Again, they are a really cool idea, but the filters seem to clog pretty easily. Also, do NOT let one of these filters freeze, because it will destroy the filter membrane.

      For me? I'll be taking the PUR along again this year.



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      > I am in a quandry about water purification for my JMT hike in Aug-Sept.
      > I have always used the Katadyn / Pur Hiker filter. It does weigh more than some of the new types of purification. If I take it, I will need to get a new filter for it. I've been reading about the Steri pen. The reviews are mixed on its reliability. And there is the issue of flying with or mailing lithium batteries (I read all the posts on this topic).

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