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Re: Jerky - With or against grain?

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  • cjoslyn99
    Ok, verdict is in. I think I like the chew better cutting with the grain as opposed to against it, but it doesn t fall apart if you cut across the grain. The
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 3, 2011
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      Ok, verdict is in. I think I like the chew better cutting with the
      grain as opposed to against it, but it doesn't fall apart if you cut
      across the grain.

      The benefit I saw from cutting across the grain was slightly better
      flavor penetration and also better fat rendering. Not that there is
      that much fat on flank steak, but there are random ribbons in there and
      at this low a temperature, it's not going to render out if it's in a
      contiguous vein. I did mine in the oven using convection...kept it in
      the 150F range. Fat in these low amounts not generally so evil but
      contributes to spoilage.

      For the recipes below, I preferred the Alton Brown recipe to the Food
      and Wine recipe. I did a half batch of the Alton Brown recipe and
      modified it by adding the zest of one orange (and half the juice), 1
      TBSP of orange marmalade and about 1/4 tsp ground ginger (omitting the
      liquid smoke). Subtle orange flavor and nice heat. Not overly sweet.

      Need to tinker w/ the mexican chile/lime recipe. It wasn't "bad" so
      much as one dimensional. I omitted the jalapeno and just used red chili
      flakes, but I don't think that would have helped. I used lime zest but
      I think it needs more body. I added agave nectar but probably not
      enough backbone there. The recipe calls for mexican beer (e.g.,
      corona), so might try reducing it next time or start w/ something w/ a
      bit more malt.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "cjoslyn99" <cjoslyn99@...> wrote:
      > I really hate shelling out for jerky. Going to make my own. Some
      recipes say against and some say with the grain. I'm using flank steak
      per my Alton Brown recipe and it says with the grain. Normally, you
      slice against the grain. Do they have you cut WITH the grain for jerky
      purposes b/c it will crumble if you cut across the grain? Since I've
      never done this before, I might do both just for experimentation
      purposes, but wondering what the consensus is.
      > BTW, here are the recipes I'm trying:
      tml (MODS: Making this an orange beef jerky w/ the addition of the zest
      and juice from one orange...i'm also adding some ginger)
      > http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/mexican-lime-jerky/print (MODS: I'm
      adding zest of the limes I'm squeezing and in lieu of jalepenos, i'm
      using conventional crushed red pepper flakes)
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