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What I think is the most important file we have in our library.

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  • Roleigh Martin
    I think the JMT 2011 crib sheet we have in our library is the most important single sheet of information to take with you on your JMT hike. I have attached it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2011
    I think the JMT 2011 crib sheet we have in our library is the most important single sheet of information to take with you on your JMT hike.  I have attached it here too, it's a small file.

    The below was posted under the subject "new file uploaded" which is not that much of a teaser subject line.  I feel so strongly and proud of our 2011 directory/crib sheet.

    A huge thanks to Karpani Devi who called all the phone numbers on the Crib Sheet to verify the accuracy of the 2011 edition.  This is definitely the most comprehensive one sheet directory for JMT hikers now.  In 2010, the first edition, I was dependent upon the accuracy of the cited links for the information being current.  This is a much more reliable directory now.

    A recommendation to those who print this out, print it out duplex (back-to-back) on one sheet of paper, and bring plenty of extra copies.  At Happy Isles, as you wait in line to get your permit, if you show this to other JMT hikers there, they are so eager to have a copy of the handout.  If you bring along 10 sheets of the directory, all extra 9 will eagerly be consumed by grateful people there.

    I remember in 2010, I met a lady who had shipped two bear cannisters (garcias!) to Muir Trail Ranch to go all the way to Whitney Portal.  She was planning a whole down day at Reds Meadows.  She had a car in Mammoth.  I talked her into getting resupplies at Mammoth and taking them and securing packer service at Kearsarge Lakes or OnionValley Trailhead so that she could get by with just one bear cannister and refill it at OnionValley Trailhead.  I gave her a spare printout of the crib sheet, she was so grateful.  She then planned to ship back home one of the two bear canisters at Muir Trail Ranch rather than carry two of them.

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     Description : JMT-Carry Crib Sheet of Vital Info.pdf (Updated for 2011 -- to take on the hike, vital phone numbers, addresses, etc.).  All phone numbers verified for 2011.  Co-authored now by Roleigh Martin and Karpani Devi.

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