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Re: [John Muir Trail] anybody hiking this year?

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  • Vera Hurst
    Jim & Ginny are friends of mine...and yuppers I have great admiration for them and think they are such a cute hiking couple...:) he d cringe at being called
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      Jim & Ginny are friends of mine...and yuppers I have great admiration for them and think they are such a cute hiking couple...:) he'd cringe at being called cute! :)


      tubirrb <wandering_bob@...> wrote:

      It's also known as the "don't let your libido write checks your body
      can't cash" syndrome.

      "Hot" has an entirely different meaning on the trail than off. Every
      woman I've ever met on the trail or hiked with - including my wife
      of 34 years - qualified as a "hot hiker-babe" - and smelled like it
      too. Or I suppose she did; my nose I really couldn't tell the
      difference between me and her. Long distance hiking - the great
      gender equalizer! True - you can hardly wait to get into the tent
      together, but it's sleep you're after, not sex. That's what zero
      days are for. Tomorrow you're facing another 3000 foot elevation
      gain and 22 miles before you sleep again.

      You are correct about the need for a secure (and hopefully strong)
      relationship between the two parties before a couple goes hiking.
      Some couples actually spend their honeymoon doing this. Others start
      out together only to split forever part-way through when the daily
      grind rubs both sets of nerves raw and frustration begs for an
      outlet. There are even a couple of books written by through-hiking
      couples.The most recent is....(quoted from the PCTA store website at

      "A BLISTERED KIND OF LOVE, One Couple's Trial by Trail

      Winner of The Mountaineers Books' "Barbara Savage Memorial Award"
      this engaging trail narrative chronicles a young couple's clumsy
      adventures on the PCT. Written in alternating voices and with a
      blend of humor, adventure, practical advise, and introspection, the
      story ultimately delivers something more - - a (blistered kind of)
      love story. By Angela and Duffy Ballard (2003)."

      Well worth the read. Another example - Jim and Jenny Owens have a
      great website http://www.spiriteaglehome.com covering the thousands
      of miles they've done as a couple on the many long trails.


      Wandering Bob


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