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JMT 2007 (or 2006)

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  • stevenhmunson
    Hi Paul, If you want to change your plans, I m planning on doing the JMT this summer. I hiked it from North to South in 2000, and I m planning on going from
    Message 1 of 51 , Feb 3, 2006
      Hi Paul,

      If you want to change your plans, I'm planning on doing the JMT this
      summer. I hiked it from North to South in 2000, and I'm planning on
      going from South to North this summer. I plan to start on Aug. 19 and
      complete the hike on Labor Day, Sept. 4. I plan to hike 15 miles per
      day, with one rest day near Muir Trail Ranch in the middle. At 15
      miles per day I have a little leeway to complete it by Labor Day. On
      Wednesday I applied for the Mt. Whitney lottery, but I'm not sure what
      my chances are since my start date is a Saturday. Most likely I'll
      start at Horseshoe Meadow and go over Cottonwood Pass and skip Mt.
      Whitney. (Hardcore JMT'ers will frown on me, but that's OK.) Since
      2000, I've also done several loops that included parts of the JMT, and
      the area is just spectacular. My hike in 2000 was one of the great
      experiences of my life - that's why I'm anxious to do it again. I
      carried way too much weight in 2000, so I'm working hard on getting my
      pack weight down for this summer (mostly researching/trying
      lightweight backpacking techniques and buying new gear).

      If anyone else is interested in coming along this summer, please plan
      to "attend". I'm also going to apply for a permit for the Horseshoe
      Meadow trailhead for an Aug. 19 start date (I'm applying on Feb. 19 -
      6 months in advance), so I need to know soon if anyone else is

      Good luck, Paul, in your preparations. As others have said, the
      anticipation and getting ready for the trip is half of the fun.


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      > Hello fellow hikers/backpackers. I am looking for anyone doesn't
      > matter how many (the more the merrier) who would like to hike the
      > entire length of the JMT around the middle of July-2007. I know I'm
      > asking early but I am anxious. I have never done a hike that long
      > would like to hike it with someone who's familair with it. I'm from
      > North Dakotah and am going to hike the length of the Maah Daah Hey
      > trail on Theodore Roosevelt National Park this summer it's about 96
      > miles that would be my longest. Well hope all is well with everyone
      > and I like this site. (Sly told me about it)
      > Paul
    • summerton south homeowners association
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        Thank you for your comments.

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        We began last year on 21June from HI with absolutely no problem, no snow the entire way!!!  Water crossings no problems either.  Now...less snow last year, so take the difference from the two, compare with what the experts here are saying based on their previous experiences and enjoy the journey. Assume some of the water crossings will be higher, but since the weather lately has been pretty chill with these high pressure systems...who knows. :-)

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        On Mar 19, 2016 2:12 PM, "summerton south homeowners association summertonsouth@... [johnmuirtrail]" <johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        Have a reversation to begin JMT on June 29th. Concerned about this year's snow pack with having trail and passes for the most part being free of snow. Starting at TM to Whitney. Does anyone have the same entry date? Or will the snow pack force hikers to get later entry date.

        Appreciate any input.

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