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Re: Entering Manic Mode

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  • targetdoggmechanic
    Message 1 of 40 , Aug 1, 2010
      > With only ten days remaining until I fly to Fresno I find I'm still
      > volleying back and forth between pieces of equipment, all the while working
      > and renovating a cabin. Argh! Which means I'm about to enter "Manic
      > Mode". Happens every time before a hike. Do I have everything? Has
      > everything been taken care of at the house? Have I answered all my
      > HandyAndyDandyMan's questions on the cabin? Is the well driller set to go?
      > How many meetings do I have next week? Should I remind the office that I'm
      > almost physically gone and 98% mentally gone already? Gotta put the last
      > two mail drops together. Need to set up the lawn kid. Need to .. What
      > about.. Did I... on and on and on and on and... I'm sure you know how it
      > goes. I accept the fact that you probably can't help me with the majority
      > of the issues but I know you can help me balance out a few bouncing thoughts
      > in my soon to be manic mode brain! As always it's a debate between comfort,
      > warmth and weight. With that said, which do you recommend/take?
      > 1. Inflatable air mattress or closed cell foam pad (i.e RidgeRest,
      > ZRest) I like the Z rest, and thermarest. Rei also makes some good less expensive knock offs. I personally use thermarest pro lite plus.
      > 2. If an inflatable, which? If closed cell, which? See above.
      > 3. Silk bag liner? (Taking Western Mountaineer Ultralight (15*)) I dont know how cold you get at night, but it is very warm in the sierras now, I have a 20 degree bag, havent been cold this time of year, but if I do I layer up. Never used a bag liner except where it gets below 15 deg at night.
      > 4. JetBoil or Pocket Rocket? Have used my trusty pocket rocket for 6 years now, it's still going strong. I love the lightweight and compact ness of the unit. I've never used a jet boil but most people like them. Maybe someday for me, but I like the options the pocket rocket gives you. You can make a very good windscreen quite cheaply. Usually wind is only an issue on a high pass or near guitar lake, garnet lake, 1000 island, just to name a few.
      > As always, thanks in advance for your words of wisdom. I pretty much (98%)
      > know what I'm taking I believe I just want to hear the forum's soothing
      > tones. Or just talking hiking and gear!
      > Aloha! Ann
    • dc t
      I second what Judy says about hand sanitizer. Having not read all the responses I am sure I will be repeating what others have said, but here goes anyways. 
      Message 40 of 40 , Aug 11, 2010
        I second what Judy says about hand sanitizer. Having not read all the responses I am sure I will be repeating what others have said, but here goes anyways.  From personal experience, cleanliness is your best defense against any intestinal ailment. Having deployed to the mideast, I am proud to say that my squad was the only squad out of my company that wasn't hit by stomach ailments.  I attribute that to my being a tyrant about washing hands after taking care of "business", ensuring that my guys didn't just pee anywhere and that everything was covered up, away from water points and away from where people would normally go. Always washing before eating. Seems overly simple, but it worked for me.

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        You DO NOT NEED to use hand sanitizer. Soap and water is much better for cleaning your hands, using both is way overkill. soap and water CLEANS your hands, hand sanitizer does not.


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