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  • maurer@earthlink.net
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Hi all,

      This message will be cross posted to three groups.

      As a result of my decision to hike through Oregon this July instead of
      hiking the JMT I have 2 permits, a Yosemite Reservation and a Bishop
      area campsite reservation that I would be happy to pass on to anyone who
      is interested.

      Permit 1 - JMT SoBo through hike. Permit starts July 13 from Yose
      valley. It is a pass through permit so you don't have to spend the first
      night at any particular campsite. exit point is Mount Whitney, which
      will be on the permit.
      Rez 1 - I have a Curry village tent/cabin reserved for July 10,11, 12.
      It will cost $75.90/night. If someone wants this to go along with the
      above permit, you'll have to pay for it somehow (we'll work it out). If
      no one takes this part - no problem - it's full refundable to me.

      Permit 2 - Due to snow levels I got a second Sierra permit in case I
      wanted to do "part" of the JMT this year. This permit is a JMT/PCT South
      permit leaving Mammoth on July 10. There is also a whitney stamp on this
      permit, and the exit point is Trail Crest on July 20.
      Rez 2 - I got a campsite above Bishop at the end of Hwy 168 near Lake
      Sabrina. The campsite is called Four Jeffrey Pines and it is for July 8
      and 9. I think it's about $30 total for 2 nights.

      Anyone interested in these - the permits are free (I won't be asking for
      the 5 or 10 bucks) and I'll transfer the accommodations to anyone who
      wants them.

      email off list to maurer@....


      Mike Maurer

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