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  • dive_hike
    May 14, 2005
      Eric, I mostly agree with Patrick's advice, but maybe I can add a
      little ...

      1. Several of the streams have loose rocky bottoms and flip-flops
      are useless. Going barefoot is possible (I've done it), but you can
      easily cut your foot.

      2. I suggest calling Amtrak 1-800-872-7245 and finding out their
      schedule from Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento and match that with the
      possible flights. If you can get to Merced (via train), then you
      can take the YARTS to Yosemite.

      When you finish at Whitney Portal, I suggest hitching a ride to Lone
      Pine and then to Mammoth. You can catch the YARTS in Mammoth and
      take it all the way back to Merced (then get on AMTRAK back to your
      airport). If anyone knows a better way to get back, I'd like to
      know about it!

      5. I think this is the number for the Curry Village Mountain Shop
      Have a great trip.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "eric_s_bloom" <ebloom@i...>
      > I am planning to hike the JMT north to south in late
      > July-early August and had some questions I hoped to
      > find answers for here on the list.
      > 1. Are flip-flops sufficient for stream crossings?
      > I usually carry a pair camp shoes, but would like
      > to use them in place of my boots for any places
      > I might saturate my boots.
      > 2. What seems to be the best way to get to the trail?
      > I have read alot online and in a couple guidebooks about
      > this, but can't decide whether to fly into reno, LAX,
      > or SF. Any opinions?
      > 3. Is the ground generally soft enough to use titanium
      > tent stakes, or should I bring a set that is more rugged?
      > (MSR Ground Hogs)
      > 4. From what I have read, water seems to be available
      > along the trail so that I don't need to carry more than
      > 2 liters at a time. Is this generally the case?
      > 5. Since I am flying in, I can't bring fuel for my alcohol
      > stove. Is this available at the Yosemite trailhead?
      > 6. Does anyone have advice on flying with my pack?
      > My current plan is to put my pack in a duffel bag and check it.
      > When I get there, I planned to leave the duffel bag in a
      > locker at the airport.
      > Thanks for the help,
      > Eric
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