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866advise on muir ranch to Red's meadow needed

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    Apr 11 11:03 PM
      Hi....I am starting at Muir Ranch Aug. 20th and hiking to Happy Isles.
      We have backpacked alot, but this will be our farthest yet ( 120
      miles )...could someone help me with imput : if we start walking at
      about 1:00pm, could we make it to Sallie Keys Lakes by say 5:00pm? and
      how hard is that stretch....then, the next day it is an hour to Seldon
      Pass, if that, but was wondering when we would get to Quail
      Meadows,also just how hard is that downhill?...and if going on to
      Pocket Meadow is at all possible?...then, the next day would be over
      Silver Pass, then down and finishing at Lake Virginia ( after those
      terrible switchbacks after Tully Hole )....then, from Tully Hole, could
      we make it to Red's Meadow for a shower and a meal, and then continue
      on to say, Johnson Lake to camp instead of a noisy Red's Meadow? I know
      this is a long questionaire but, we are on a tight time frame, and need
      to make plane reservations a few days later!!!...Thanks to all who
      could help here....Doug
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