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836Re: [John Muir Trail] Looking for secret camping spots on JMT and more???

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  • Vera Lehmkuhl
    Mar 24, 2005
      thanks so much JD
      so here is my high school spanish translation with no going to the dictionary involved...laugh if you must! :)

      when the Road (of life maybe:) ends, you(I) will be a woman of experiences! ack!!

      I will ponder and use to plan your ideas...yogiing food eh? hmmmmm free BEER? cool.

      any other words of wisdom about camping? anyone, anyone?


      JDRows <jdrows@...> wrote:
      VVR=Vermilion Valley Ranch - Hiker hotel on Lake Edison, 1st night and
      1st beer are free - NB a lot of hikers have food shipped to them there
      and for whatever reason, those hikers never arrive; VVR eventually takes
      the food out of the package and puts it into a 55-gal drum for current
      hikers to sort through and take with them; when I was there, they were
      on their second drum. Bring your credit or debit card as the first
      thing you do after getting off the ferry is establish an account at the
      store desk. Good pies.

      Deet=100% (in late August no mosquitoes, mondo advantage)

      Favorite bear canister is like "Which do you prefer: a virus, cold,
      Giardia. . . " - My "preference" is a Bearikade Weekender with Enertia
      meals that don't have the cooking sack so you don't have to resupply
      after MTR. Often, when coming across an acronym or unknown term, going
      to the newsgroup site and using the Search feature gives lots of info;
      in the case of bear canisters, maybe more than one would want. A good
      chance they'll ask to see your canister when you get your permit, it has
      a box for the issuing ranger to say you have a canister.

      Glad your AT hike went well.

      Sometimes all the choicest camping sites are gone by 3 PM. Another way
      of saying an early start makes for the most pleasure in the afternoon
      after you get your target miles in. Always try to camp next to water,
      even if only a seep.

      Mather Pass - the Golden Staircase. Don't plan on camping before you
      get to the lakes at the top, Lord knows how the guys that blasted the
      Staircase out found somewhere to sleep. It's kind of exposed at Lower
      Lake so camp in the copse of trees next to the lake. It may be
      crowded. Just squeeze in or you may not get any sleep.
      Cuando terminas el Camino, estaras una mujer de encuentros

      Vera Lehmkuhl wrote:

      >Ahhhh, JD, wow this is a cool statement...I can't wait... and please what is VVR? Ok what is everyone's feeling about deet strength? Also, favorite bear cannister...(YES I STILL AM ON THE BEAR THING..:)
      >For those of you hangin out when I was talking a lot before...my AT hike went well and the knees were good so I after much consideration am going to go for the JMT hike!! cool...We had perfect weather on the AT, snow only long enuf to get my coat on, 30 mph winds with 30 degrees and crystal clear nite, SUN and heat to the point we got sunburned, thunderstorms in our tents at night and fog...typical weather. My thruhikers are hiking about 10 days up the trail now and all is well...I of course am back home dreaming of hiking...
      >Thanks you guys for your ideas and advice and visual & verbal photos of the trail,
      >You will love the Trail. In the mornings while you're still digesting
      >the beauty of the day before, you start seeing so much new beauty, you
      >almost say "Wait, I'm not done remembering everything I saw yesterday
      >and the day . . ."
      >If you go to VVR, when you go back to the JMT, if you start climbing
      >before crossing the river, you've gone too far. Watch the Trail past
      >Silver Lake Pass. Don't go towards the Lake.
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