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8230Re: [John Muir Trail] Best late season dates?

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  • Curtis
    Mar 31, 2010
      Yeah, resupply is always the fly in the ointment, eh? I'm lucky I like trout so much. I'll be doing a loop through the Golden Trout Wilderness(shh, there's never any crowds down there) early on to figure out how many days worth of food I can carry; after that, I guess it's just shut up, enjoy the jerky, and keep moving.

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      > Hi Curtis, say have you work out where you are going to re supply yourself at remember TM, Reds Meadows, VVR, MTR will be close the later you wait. That leave you with Mammoth Lakes, Bishop and Independence
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      > Hi y'all. I'm brand new to the group, and I haven't had time to sort through all the previous posts yet, and this has probably been covered before, but here it comes again. How late can I start, and (giving myself three-ish weeks) make it to Lone Pine before I get snowed in? If Trail Crest is the most problematic point, that's cool, because I prefer Cottonwood Pass anyway. In the same vein, what sort of nighttime temperatures might I expect? I've got good gear, and I'm o.k. with freak early snowstorms as long as it's not a couple of feet. I know there's always a lot of variables (that's why I dig doing this stuff), but whaddya think? Thank you.
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