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8216RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: sleeping pads options?

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  • Barbara Burns
    Mar 29, 2010
      I'll cast my vote for the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad, as well. I used it on the JMT last year and slept like a baby, warm and cushy!

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      Subject: RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: sleeping pads options?
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      Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010, 10:32 PM


      Oohh, thank you.  I’ve been reading up on that one too.  There were a couple of comments about puncture failures – but sounds like it’s a winner for you.  I’m checking it out – any special model?  Barbara


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      Hi Barbara,

      I know you are a regular here, I seem to come and go with the seasons. I have done the JMT twice and the HST once. I have had many self inflating pads over the years, they all worked and kept me warm but never overly comfortable. 4 years ago I discovered the Big Agnes insulated Air Core pad. I absoulutely love it! Yes, I do have to spend 2 short minutes blowing it up, but for an all night warm comfortable sleep it is all worth it.

      http://www.bigagnes .com/Products/ Detail/Pad/ InsulatedAirCore

      --- In johnmuirtrail@ yahoogroups. com, "Barbara Karagosian" <barbara@... > wrote:
      > "Indecisive" is my middle (if not first) name. So - I have a Neoair, a
      > Thermarest Prolite 3 and a Thermarest Prolite 4. I'm reading up on a POE
      > Ether Thermo 6. Does anyone have any yeahs or nays on these? Please don't
      > add any others to the mix (I know some of you like Montbell, but they don't
      > work for me).
      > I have a Phantom 15 degree down bag.
      > I'm a side sleeper and I sleep cold.
      > I know I can sleep on a Neoair and a Prolite 4 comfortably. The Prolite 3
      > is not warm/comfortable enough for me. Will the Neo or Prolite 4 be warm
      > enough if it gets below freezing? Or might the POE Therno Ether 6 be
      > better?
      > Thanks, Barbara

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