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797Re: [John Muir Trail] Introduction

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  • Vera Lehmkuhl
    Mar 2, 2005
      So your new trail name could be Wide Path? :) snow eh...ack...ok Tony I'll start thinking about that tomorrow....well that will be cool if we do run into on another. There is a tradition on the AT of thru hikers all kind of banding together and talking trail before their hikes...some groups starting together name themselves like March fools etc etc...:) is always nice to meet people on trail you've known in cyber space...
      nite all,

      Anthony Zurowski <anthonyzurowski@...> wrote:
      Dear Vera:
      Hey, congrats...it's awsome when your plans start to coalesce. We are certain to run into each other. I'm really taking my time...hoping to poke around Mts Ritter and Lyell with some other glacier stops. Far from being a bad mum...she'll get here revenge in babysitting when you return. Coming North to South means that you'll be hitting the north faces of Muir, Forester and the other passes. So, yeah, snow. But NO NEW SNOW...and sun pockets and other trekkers work wonders on the trail, so route finding can only sometimes be tricky...but take you're time...where else you'goin'. I am not bad at snow....I'll try to leave a wide trail...lol. River's will be, well, kinda scarry. DO THEM IN THE MORNING and take a little time to really find the comfortable crossing. Don't think you're dumb to even wait a day at the worse...some one might come by in a mule train to help you cross...ugh, as if heaven sent. Remember, undo your straps, take off your socks but not your boots, and the
      WIDER the area the more likely it is to be shallow and less rapid. But little we wear is real...it all dries rather fast. But, sent some pics of my greatest concern...Forester Pass, these are the switchbacks, and these are the switchbacks on snow...ugh. But, yeah, April and May can be cruel to all standing snow...hurrah. This is a great site www.virtualparks.com look for the JMT shots...very helpful. Later,

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