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794Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: questions

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  • JD Schaefer
    Mar 2, 2005
      Mt Hse is too heavy & expensive. I buy Enertia http://trailfoods.com/
      due to taste (average or better) and because I can remove the cooking
      pouch without exposing the food to air. After removing the cook pouch,
      I take the ingredients & instructions and hold them together with a
      rubber band & I have a meal that weighs less and takes up less room so I
      can get more in the Bearikade. My snacks GORP and Clif bars (2.5 oz
      each) have water weight but they're calorie dense and have lots of carb
      fuel. Enertia usually has a sample package of everything they sell and
      it's cheaper to get that than buy fewer meals at regular price. It
      permits taste testing before getting on the trail. Toothbrush in the
      canister definitely. Not to put a damper on things but a bear can smell
      a carcass 20-miles away.

      Stealth camping, in which you travel a few miles from where you eat to
      make camp is adviseable so as to distance yourself from your supper
      odors. Camping with people you meet on the trail is fun but will create
      more attractive odors for ursine visitors.

      Alosac, available from someone like Bozeman are adviseable.

      I'll send the itinerary with PCT listed water locations and alerts

      Vera Lehmkuhl wrote:

      >freeze dried meals like Mtn House? what no lipton noodles? :) Does toothbrush need to go in? Has anyone tried those odor blocking bags from ...ack who...hmmm oh Alosac?
      >JD Schaefer <jdrows@...> wrote:
      >With proper planning and reduced calories, I got 9-days of food into the
      >Bearikade Weekender that lasted from MTR to Whitney. I confess to
      >yogi-ing a bit of food from Whitney to Whitney Portal, but it can be
      >done. The meals of the day that you resupply at MTR can be carried out
      >of the can. Eliminate all extraneous meal packaging. Cook in pot, not
      >in pouches. Just use freeze dried meals. Snacks of GORP can fit in
      >nooks and crannies. Remember that tootpaste, sun block and other odor
      >items need to go in can at night.
      >Some caloric deficit is ok, but . . .
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