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    Feb 28, 2005
      Hello all,
      as a long time yahoo hiking group member I will do what I encourage
      others to do when they join and will introduce myself. I'm Vera or
      the Missing Kink from Indiana. I work as store manager of a small
      gear store here. My boss and I are contemplating doing the JMT this
      summer. I am a long time AT section hiker and have hiked all over the
      midwest...NOTHING like CA. I came close to getting on the PCT a
      couple of years ago when I was near San Diego in the MTns at a Girl
      Scout camp...wow beautiful scenary!

      I am enjoying the photos. A friend of mine hiked the JMT last year
      solo in June and since it was a dry year said it was outstanding. My
      hiking partner has done quite a lot of western hiking with her
      husband. I have been counseled to put my bear bag in bushes so that a
      bear doesnt' roll it into a river!..:) I found this to be amusing yet
      frightening! :) Needless to say this newbie needs some help...:) so
      tolerance please as I pepper you with questions...

      thanks more later,
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