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  • Craig
    Jan 30, 2005
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      Good Morning all,
      I sent this email to several other lists I'm a member of ( yes, I
      suvscribe to too many) and got a positive response. So I thought
      I'd share some more.

      I am a member of the California Explorer Search and Rescue (Cal-
      ESAR) unit and as such we have very specific lists of gear that we
      need to have for our SAR packs. Since I generally flail about when
      it comes to packing for anything I decided to try to make it easier.
      I made this web based application that is suppose to make it easy to
      print out gear checklists which is suppose to help organize packing.
      Suppose to. Thought I'd share it with everyone and see if anyone
      else thinks it's useful. OR see if there's a better
      gearpackinglistmakingchecking resource out there already.

      As you can see, most of the already populated information comes from
      the Cal-ESAR web site. If you happen to need a Cal-ESAR 72 hour bag
      checklist then you can create one in a few clicks. Anything else
      might take a little more work.


      Hope you like it,
      Let me know.