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761Re: upcoming summer trip

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  • hmdsierra
    Jan 19, 2005
      My then 10 year old son and I did JMT in the heavy snow year of 1982.
      We went N-S starting Aug 1 and exiting at Whitney Portal on Aug 25.
      We had snow on every pass except Island Pass. There was never enough
      to cause us any problems. Muir Pass had snow on the north side so we
      just went up the middle. Forester Pass had the most and we took a
      slight detour to get to the pass. Other than those two we were able
      to follow the trail when going over the passes. Stream crossings were
      a bit more difficult but we could usually find a safe and easy way
      across by looking a ways above or below the trail crossing. Three of
      the last 4 days were rainy except the last day when the clouds cleared
      and we strolled out. Our last night was a bit damp, wet actually, but
      we lived to tell the tale. Other than that stretch we only had a 2 or
      3 days of rain but not enough to delay us.

      We had the time of our lives and you will too.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "D" <Pukkmann@a...> wrote:
      > Need some advise here....with the heavy snow already, does anyone
      > know if the passes...Forester, Mather, Pichot, Glenn, Seldon,
      > Muir, ....will be so deep with snowpack that we need snow axs and
      > special footwear? We have never had experience with this and it is
      > starting to go through my mind. I was going to go from South to
      > North....Aug 12th----28th....If we moved it up a week, would we be
      > OK?.....OR, if we waited till Labor Day to start it, would we hit
      > snow storms in the first two weeks in Sept.???.....Also, someone told
      > me that the days we do the passes, we will only be able to do 4 to
      > miles that day???.....And , the last question....anyone prefer the
      > So. to No. way over the more traditional way???....Thanks, for all
      > the help...Doug, in Los Angeles
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