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  • dive_hike
    Sep 22, 2004
      I prefer North to South for faster hikes. If you are planning on 10
      days, and start at the Portal, you will need to hike to Crabtree (or
      so) on the first day. That is a tough first day. Not only do you
      have to acclimate, but you will be carrying your maximum weight
      (I've day hiked Whitney, but not with a pack and 6 /7 days of food).

      If you start at Yosemite, it is a relatively easy first day
      to hike to Tuolumne Meadows. Not only is the acclimatization
      easier, but you will be carrying less weight.

      I would consider re-supplying at Red's Meadow on the 3rd day or
      possibly at Vermilion on the 5th. I've done both and for a 10
      day I would carry 3 days out of Yosemite and 7 days out of Red's.

      Red's Meadow

      Vermilion Valley:

      Red's is right on the trail. Re-supplying at Vermilion will take
      a little time.

      OTOH, South to North is fun since you meet more hikers (most people
      start at Yosemite).

      Enjoy the hike.

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      <idahomtman@b...> wrote:
      > I am also planning to hike the JMT next summer, ultralight in 10
      > days. I haven't found anyone who wants to hike at that pace so am
      > planning to do the hike solo. I've done many parts of the JMT but
      > not the entire hike in one trip. I would be interested in comments
      > regarding the advantages and diadvantages of beginning north
      > south.
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