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7055RE: [John Muir Trail] instep crampons

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  • robert shattuck
    Jan 21, 2010
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      THose are some knarly half-crampons, that look like they'll take care of anything the Muir might have to offer––it's not like you need full on crampons––you won't be doing any ice climbing, where you would need a full, rigid set-up. 

      THe only disadvantage to them would be storage . . . but you're not hitting the trail until when . . . I doubt there will be anything where you will really need crampons, as most of the trail will be pretty slogged through and you'll only have to follow the tracks. 

      The first time I did it in june or july of '96, there was lots of snow, but other than doing a lot of post-holing and sniffing out the trail, I didn't need crampons and snow shoes would have been a hassle, on and off, on and off . . . 

      THere was a good bit of snow on Forester in what, Aug of 07, 08? . . . but again, nothing that was not doable in boots. 

      Probably the trickiest part of the JMT, where some sort of crampon could make the difference between finishing and having a good injury would be the cables on the east side of whitney. 

      if that shaded section has ice on it, it's a slippery, hard ice section to get through. 


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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] instep crampons


      Hi – I have a pair of Camp 6 Punte Light crampons – I bought them for an April hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, when the upper trail was snowy – but never needed or used them.  Anyone know them and have an opinion?  Thanks, Barbara

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