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694Re: Altitude Sickness

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  • plockey@austin.rr.com
    May 31, 2004
      Last year I started at Yosemite Valley with the intention of heading
      south to Mt. Whitney. I live in Austin, Texas (~600ft of elevation).
      The trip started out fine spending the night near Sunrise. The next
      day I started feeling not so well after crossing Cathedral pass. By
      the time we made Tuolumne Meadows, that day I was just about
      finished. I puked for about the last 3 miles into camp. The next
      morning all was well until the accent of Donohue Pass. We spent the
      night near Waugh Lake and I exited the trail at Silver Lake that day.
      I would guess that my problem is at roughly 11,000 ft.

      This year we do intend to spend a day and a half in Yosemite Valley.
      I hope it helps because I intend to make the entire trip regardless
      if I have to puke all the way down the trail. I hope that does not
      happen. I plan to take the drugs with me but would rather not use
      them unless I feel the effects of the altitude.

      I'm glad to hear about your friend's success in her return trip to
      the JMT. I'm hoping for a similar experience.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Bill" <dive_hike@y...> wrote:
      > Paul, you didn't say at what altitude you had a problem or how
      > quickly you reached that altitude. Let me offer an encouraging
      > story:
      > Several years ago, I day hiked Mt. Whitney with a group of
      > One person started having problems (vomiting) on the switchbacks.
      > Her husband stayed with her while the rest of the group summited.
      > Amazingly she was able to summit (may not have been the smartest
      > thing to do), and she was still puking all the way down to the
      > bathrooms at high camp. At that point she started feeling better,
      > and was strong the rest of the hike.
      > A couple of years later, she, her husband and I, through hiked the
      > JMT north to south. We spent 2 nights in Yosemite Valley before we
      > started. She was fine going over the early passes (Cathedral,
      > Donohue) and, by the time we reached Whitney, she was roaring up
      > mountain with absolutely no altitude problems.
      > May you find the same success acclimating! My understanding is
      > altitude problems are a combination of being in shape (my friend
      > in great shape just like you) and genetic predisposition. Perhaps
      > if you start in the North, you might find you do not need the
      > drugs. (I have no experience with the drugs).
      > Best of luck to you! Enjoy your hike.
      > Bill
      > --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, plockey@a... wrote:
      > > I just joined the group and thought I'd say hi. My friend Brian
      > and I
      > > are leaving for the JMT on July 18. I was out that way last
      > > and had some problems with altitude sickness. I will be
      > experimenting
      > > with diamox and nifedipine. That combined with an off-season
      > > conditioning program that could win some a place on a pro sports
      > > team, I hope will give me a good trip on the trail. I'm planning
      > an
      > > Alaska trip next summer and it might include even greater
      > altitude.
      > > Has anyone on this group had any experience with altitude
      > >
      > > Paul
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