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660Re: [John Muir Trail] (unknown)

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  • thomas taylor
    Apr 28, 2004
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      Now that's what I call getting an early start! If you
      start from Yosemite you'll probably have the whole
      trail to yourselves. It's about 90 miles to Vermilion
      from the valley and the resort may not be open when
      you arrive in May. But if it is, you'll surely have
      'run-of-house' because the PCT'ers will still be 3 or
      4 weeks south. Instead of the first beer being free,
      you'll probably get the first 6-pack free! I read in
      an earlier posting on this site that the resort has a
      web site that you may be able to find thru google.
      They may be at the resort when you reach that area but
      if they are I seriously doubt if they will have
      shuttle boat in operation. Try to contact them before
      you start to avoid a long hike around the lake (and
      back) that doesn't pan out.

      I personally have never been on the trail that early
      in the season but portions will surely be snow-covered
      with big-time snow hanging in the passes, especially
      on the north sides. As a minimum you will need
      compass, good maps,excellent route-finding skills, and
      be in excellent physical condition. I read that the
      recently deceased California photographer Galen Rowell
      once did a winter traverse of the JMT on skies but to
      date I haven't run across any write-up on that trip.

      Good luck on it! You're in for a real treat, and NO
      mosquito's! (Well, maybe a few at the end so you'll
      need to pack a little deet.) If you're successfully
      or not please post a trip report. I for one would be
      interested in learning what you encountered that early
      in the season on the JMT.

      --- Kathryn Throolin <kthroolin@...> wrote:
      > Hey I just received an email saying that I have been
      > accepted into the John Muir trail groups. My freind
      > and I want to do the trail early May 12 to June 4.
      > We have transportation. We are excited and a little
      > nervous.
      > We will bring snow shoes and skiis and decide which
      > to use when we get there. We hope that the
      > Vermillion resort will be open.
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      Best regards,


      Thomas Taylor
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