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6521Re: [John Muir Trail] Question about cost and time

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    Dec 7, 2009
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      Re permit - faxing it cos for the last couple of years at least you couldn't fo it online, and phones don't open til 8am at which time they give 1st options to the faxes that came in first after midnight!


      On Dec 7, 2009, at 5:52 PM, jeff.hester <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Out of curiosity (and slightly off-topic), why do you recommend faxing your permit app in versus doing it online?

      --- In johnmuirtrail@ yahoogroups. com, "Barbara Karagosian" <barbara@... > wrote:
      > Hi Jonathan - Dates look good - agree with what Bob said - mosquitoes could
      > be bad - you'll likely need a headnet, and I presprayed my clothes with
      > permethrin - some people use Deet too - others dislike it. Weather - should
      > be good, but be prepared - there was a snow storm warning around Aug 7 or 8
      > this year! (didn't happen tho). I've heard rumors of an El Nino winter
      > which means wetter than its been the last few years -this would in turn
      > translate to snow at passes and deeper/faster stream crossings in places.
      > Also concur with making allowance for time getting to and from the trail -
      > and for getting your permit, if you're not nagging it in advance. If you're
      > getting it in advance, then fax in your written request at a nano second
      > past midnight, 24 weeks ahead of your trail entry date. Food etc. You can
      > rent a bear canister from Wild Ideas.com - either the Weekender or the
      > Expedition. They are $50 flat rate rental fee if you tell them you're doing
      > the JMT. Check their site for sizes and rental form. Add to that the cost
      > of mailing it back to them when you're done. Food - well it has to fit in
      > your canister, other than what you're eating that day or for dinner that
      > night. This includes smelly toiletries etc. Figure out everything you
      > need, and premeasured it out to reduce weight and waste. Food - go for the
      > dense high calorie stuff. I've used the prepackaged dehydrated stuff but it
      > gets old very quickly (to the taste buds). Also tortillas, bean paste,
      > salami, PB. Good luck - Barbara
      > _____
      > From: johnmuirtrail@ yahoogroups. com [mailto:johnmuirtrail@ yahoogroups. com]
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      > Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 7:34 PM
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      > Subject: [John Muir Trail] Question about cost and time
      > Hey all, so I'm trying to get an average idea of how much it'll cost me to
      > do the entire trip. I have all my own gear (or access to that which I don't
      > own), but am on a tight (college student) budget. Does anyone have any
      > suggestions for ways that I can save a few bucks here and there, and a rough
      > estimate as to how much it'll end up costing? I know it's important to get
      > good, healthy meals while on the trail, but I'm not sure I can afford all
      > the prepackaged, dehydrated meals. A few per leg of the trail is fine, but
      > other than that...
      > One last question: Due to me going to college and needing time to repack
      > before heading out again, I was planning on going from Happy Isles to
      > Whitney July 13-August 6 or 8. Should I anticipate more temperamental
      > weather during that time, or are my dates fairly solid?
      > Thanks to all ahead of time for your helpful guidance!

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