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642Mountaineering websites?

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  • Craig
    Jan 5, 2004
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      Howdy Y'all,
      In my spare time (of which I have quite a bit as I search for a job)
      I've been working on a mountaineering web site. Just trying to combine
      my skills (software development) with my passion (mountaineering). It
      isn't all that useful as of yet but I'm wokring on it (
      http://www.mountainknowledge.com if you feel like looking). The reason
      I'm harassing all y'all is to see if anyone has suggestions about what I
      could do with the site. I'm a software engineer by trade so doing some
      kind of real functionality is possible. Couple ideas I've had are:

      Hooking in to Microsoft Mappoint to provide detailed directions to get
      from where you are to a specific trailhead.

      An interactive gear list where you could select details of a trip
      (winter, number of days, climbing, camping, day hikes, etc) and it would
      create a printable gear list for that specific trip.

      An interactive peakbagging list which would allow you to see all the
      peaks or prominences of a specific type ( e.g. California 14ers ) and
      you could check them off as you topped them out. Maybe add notes.

      Have a running vote on mountaineering books.

      Anyone think any of these would be useful? Or even better have other
      suggestions for something I could do? Or worse let me know of other
      sites that already do all of the above?

      Thanks, now back to your regularly scheduled programming,