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630Re:Running the JMT in July

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  • Reinhold
    Oct 31, 2003
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      John, I have through hiked the JMT 7 times including my September
      2003 through hike in 5 days 10 hrs (a new record for an unsupported
      through hike of the JMT). Go to - signonsandiego.com sports extreme
      backpacking - to review the San Diego Union article on that trek.
      When I did the JMT in July 2003 I kept getting reports from hikers
      about a guy & a girl several days ahead of me running the JMT trying
      to break my then unsupported 7 day record for the JMT. Was that you?
      That's what motivated me to do the JMT again in September to improve
      on the 7 days. My thinking was if somebody is going to break my
      record I'm going to make them work for it. I would be interested in a
      runndown or a trail report on your July 2003 runn of the JMT. Reinhold
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