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5834Re: [John Muir Trail] Food; MTR to Whitney Portal

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  • Peter Burke
    Sep 2, 2009
      I have had 15 days of food in the Expedition - it's "cavernous" unless
      you pack silly inflated Mountain house pouches that will fill your can
      with air. Repack all your freeze dried into flexible zip lock bags and
      you'll fit a lot more into the can

      renting - $6 first 3 days, then $3 each additional day - online here,
      but would just call them:


      ed_rodriguez52@... wrote:

      > Say what you might want to look into is renting a bearikade
      > expendition. I beleave it cost you $50 for the hold JMT it 900 cu in
      > 200 more than the bearvault 500. They say it can supply you for up to
      > 9 days. The first day u leave that food out because by the end of the
      > day you would have eaten it. But if you can find a point where you can
      > resupply in the somewhere else as the other suggested it will be
      > better. But that is a lot a weight you have to carry. Ed
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