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575Re: [John Muir Trail] Okay - let's try to plan a group hike

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  • richey35@cs.com
    Mar 1, 2003
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      At 11.2 K Cottonwood Pass is low by comparison with most passes in the
      Southern Sierra, and last year was really dry in the south, thus the big
      fires in Sequoia National Forest. The predictions based on snow water
      content I read on the PCT website suggest the Northern Sierra are about 10%
      above normal, and the south is 25% below. PCT thru-hikers will probably set
      out from Kennedy Meadows about June 1, but most will have ice axes. I think
      Sawmill Pass could be pretty challenging without an ice axe, but it should be
      beautiful if you make it. If you go north on the other side of the pass,
      you would have to cross Woods Creek, which I have done way west of there
      across the amazing bridge on the JMT. An unbridged crossing of Woods Creek
      around June 1 could be hair-raising. I wouldn't want to take the chance of
      having to turn back on the first three-day weekend of prime hiking season, so
      let me know if anybody is interested in a lower altitude hike over Memorial
      Day. If you'd like to see the attachment from the PCT website, please
      contact me and I will forward it along. - Bob R

      << <tt>
      Last year, we went over Cottonwood Pass on Memorial Day, which was
      pretty much free from snow, but Army and New Army Pass were not
      passable. I guess each year and each pass is different.

      I'm also thinking of Olancha Peak for Memorial Day Weekend. I'd like
      to avoid an area filled with mosquitos.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, richey35@c... wrote:
      > Hey Kathy. To do this hike on Memorial Day I think you'd need an
      ice axe.
      > Anything much above 9-10K is till pretty much snowed in on June 1.
      I don't
      > have the skills or equipment to do it, but I'm sure it would be an
      > hike. Once over the pass the area around Twin Lakes is really
      nice. - Bob R
      > << I think I'm going to try to make it to Sawmill Pass via the
      > Pass Trail on the eastside over Memorial Day Weekend instead of
      > Wishon. >> >>
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