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5525Re: [John Muir Trail] bear canister and gloves

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  • Peter Burke
    Aug 4, 2009
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      No rule what you do with the food when it is not unattended. If you pack
      it loose in the backpack during the day, you have to make sure the pack
      is never unattended. For half the Muir Trail, the canister itself isn't
      even required, although once you get used to not having to pick your
      camps based on trees suitable for hanging, you'll probably bring the
      canister anyway.

      I usually pack my canister in the upper compartment and use tent and
      clothing to position it in that area. Once the content shrinks other
      stuff like pots and pans and stove move into the top of the bear can to
      keep the heavier items near the top of the pack

      Rich Ehli wrote:
      > AFAIK there is no rule that you must carry the food inside the bear
      > cannister while hiking. Only that you store it there when in camp. The
      > heavier items are best loaded up high but I can see where a loaded
      > cannister strapped to the top of your pack might be unstable. You might
      > consider carrying the food in the more conventional arrangement, in
      > stuff sacks at the top of your pack, while placing your clothes and
      > sleeping bag inside the cannister in the space below.
      > Rich

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