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5519Re: [John Muir Trail] bear canister and gloves

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  • Steve Schauer
    Aug 3, 2009
      Gloves: I found some nitrile gardening gloves at the local Ace hardware, and I called them my Spiderman gloves because they gripped so well. They were about $5. They are essential for the cables. 
      For packing the canister: I also have the Osprey internal frame pack. I put the canister upright in the middle compartment, and pack everything else around it. I hike with my husband, so we share items like tent and stove, first aid kit, camera and tripod. I don't bring much extra clothing. As the canister empties, I pack my stove and cooking gear in the canister. It worked out well.

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      Subject: Re: [John Muir Trail] bear canister and gloves
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      Gloves are a good idea on the cables. Generally, there are spare gloves at the base, but to be safe, I'd bring along a pair.

      Regarding the bear canister it really should go inside your pack. As you said, putting it on top will make you top heavy (even though some of the photos will show it mounted on top).

      I actually had to go out and buy a new, larger pack to accomodate my canister for my upcoming trip.

      Ideally, you would want to have it in your pack lying on its side near the bottom (say above your sleeping bag). If it won't go in sideways then standing up would be the second best alternative.

      Good Luck,

      Bill P.

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      From: Patricia Rider

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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] bear canister and gloves

      Hi all again,

      Can any of you who have climbed Half Dome say whether gloves are necessary (to help with the cables) or not? Also, how is everyone carrying their bear canister? I loaded it up and put it on top of my pack where I can anchor it securely, but feels "heavy" up there. Have never used one of these before so wonder where's the best place to put it. I have an Osprey internal frame backpack. If I try to put it in my backpack I won't have room for much else.



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