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543Re: Gas lantern backpacking

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  • jerry92103
    Sep 14, 2002
      --- In johnmuirtrail@y..., "andresjsalazar" <andresjsalazar@y...>
      > I just bought a coleman gas lantern, I am planning a backpacking
      > for 5 days.
      > I just came to a situation, how do I carry/pack the lantern
      > breaking the glass or mantles?
      > Any advice would help.

      I have a very small, Gaz lantern (80 watts) that is about 6 1/2" high
      and 3 1/2" square that came in it's own, plastic carrying case----
      like that you see with large, Coleman lanterns. (The case doesn't
      carry the fuel can) But it it rigid and protects the lantern, globe,
      etc. I bought this model especially for the carrying case.
      Depending on the size of your lantern, you could cut the top off a
      plastic, milk, quart container and reinforce it with duct tape, etc.,
      and bubble wrap your lantern inside. Good luck.

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