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530Re: Fly fishing the JMT

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  • hmdsierra
    Jul 2, 2002
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      >What I discovered is that I did'nt fish as much as I would have liked
      >due to long days and being tired.

      Actually our experience on JMT was somewhat similar. I though we'd
      make camp in time to do a little fishing. The reality was we
      usually arrived in time for dinner. We did take 2 days off and fished
      those days. I have used my fly rod in all places, in fact I only take
      the fly rod now. I used to take both a fly and spinning rod. At
      Hitchcock Lakes I caught the same sized fish as my two sons using it.
      I also had a bigger one on but it got away, REALLY. The truth tho is
      on big lakes the spinning rod has a slight advantaghe in being able to
      fish deeper than a fly. However, the fly rod is a lot more fun.
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