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522Re: Food per day

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  • hmdsierra
    Jun 30, 2002
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      I haven't weighed my food for a while but when I did keep track it ran
      about a pound a day per person. I actually cook on the trail. I
      prepack meals at home mainly rice or pasta based. I usually take a
      couple of cans of meat, SPAM, ham, or chicken. I also take bacon
      grease to fry the bread, fish, potatos, etc. I have skillet fread for
      every meal varying the mix depending on the meal, cornbread for
      mexican, oat orcoffee cake for breakfast. I once spent a few days
      with two guys who only had freeze dried meals. The eagerly took
      Pop-Tarts and SPAM I offered. They also salivated over my Red
      Beans and Rice while preparing their Chicken Teriyaki. It does take
      longer to prepare meals and I take a few more pans but they're fairly
      lightweight. At any rate no one has complained about the food and I
      don't generally lose weight over a pound or two. My friend lost a
      pound a day when we finished JMT over a two week period but he started
      at over 238 pounds and wanted to lose more.
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