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517Food per day

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  • dive_hike
    Jun 30, 2002
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      For myself, I need about 1.5 pounds of food per day or I get REAL
      hungry. I wouldn't short the food. For a 9 day hike, I would
      normally bring about 13 1/2 pounds of food.

      Of course, the "Yogi-ing" is pretty good in the National Parks (most
      hikers bring too much food and are willing to share). I have taken
      advantage of the generosity of others, but it is tough to rely on.

      Have a great hike!
      Best, Bill

      Here is a definition of "Yogi-ing" I found online:
      Yogi–ing – It is considered poor etiquette to ask for food on
      the trail. Yogi-ing (after Yogi the bear) is the fine art of getting
      someone to offer you food without actually asking for it. A valuable
      skill, someone who can consistently score a yogi is much envied by
      those who can't. The best yogi's are usually scored when the
      trail goes by a state or National Park picnic ground where large
      family or church picnics are being held. The curious picknickers
      will often offer all kinds of goodies while listening to the hiker
      recount his usually exaggerated adventures.
      Source: http://users.erols.com/johndsc/glossary_of_terms.htm
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