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514[John Muir Trail] Re: A Great Resource

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  • lostimnot
    Jun 29, 2002
      Thanks for the Charlotte Lake idea, SN. That's an intriguing
      alternative. I wonder if the rangers would give you a hard time if
      they found out about using a bear box as a cache. I've got a spare
      bear can I could use as a cache. Maybe stashing the can near the JMT
      cut-off for Kearsarge Pass could be a plan. What do you think? None
      of my friends are into backpacking anymore except for a couple of
      hyper rock climbing types. Relying on them for calories could be a
      tragic disappointment.

      The problem with hitching out is that I will finish at Horseshoe
      Meadows. Know where that is? Nobody else does either. I've been
      there only once, but there's 1/10 the traffic of Whitney Portal at

      Somehow it will work out. I can always arrange for a paid shuttle
      and take all my food for the whole 115 miles. I've got my base pack
      weight including canister to 15#. So if I can stay at 1#/day of food
      and hike 13 miles/day, I'm at 24# + water. That should work. 23
      days and counting!


      --- In johnmuirtrail@y..., "snow_nymph_2000" <snownymph@s...> wrote:
      > There are bear boxes at the Onion Valley campground (and probably
      > the trailhead too), but your stuff might not be there when you go
      > pick it up (car campers). I would hike the cache to Charlotte Lake
      > (8 mi hike in from Onion Valley) and leave it at the bear boxes
      > there. Put your name on it and be sure to put down that its for a
      > resupply and the date you expect to pick it up. No guarantee that
      > it will be there, but your chances are better than leaving it at
      > trailhead. The best way is to find friends to hike it in and meet
      > you (if you can find someone).
      > You can probably hitch a ride to get your car. Most bp'ers will
      > pick a person up with a pack. We got 3 rides from WP to Mammoth
      > (where we left our vehicles) within 5 min of sticking the thumb out.
      > If Sierra Mel is not on a trip, she can resupply you (llamas).
      > Check on "members" and check her profile for her e-mail. She was
      > booked at the time we needed our resupply.
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