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509Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: A Great Resource

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  • richey35@cs.com
    Jun 28, 2002
      Hi. I'll be hiking the last section of the JMT solo from South Lake over the
      Bishop Pass starting 7/21. Unfortunately I waited too long to get a permit
      so I'll be starting a week earlier than I had planned. So more bugs and
      perhaps more involved stream crossings. The worst part of the permit deal,
      though, is that there are no exit slots to hike out to Whitney Portal, so
      after climbing Whitney I have to exit over Cottonwood Pass to Horseshoe
      Meadows. This will mean 115 miles without resupply, which is tough for a
      committed ounce weenie like me. Does anybody have any ideas for resupply
      over Kearsarge Pass and transportation between Horseshoe Meadows and South
      Lake. For resupply I was thinking of taking one day to go to Onion Valley
      and back. Question is: where could I leave my resupply? Are there any bear
      boxes at the road end at Onion VValley? I''m thinking of leaving my car at
      Horseshoe and arranging a shuttle from Kounty Korners or Randy's Ride. Any
      recommendations for either of these problems? Thanks, Bob Richey

      In a message dated 6/27/02 8:45:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      snownymph@... writes:

      << We did the JMT last fall in 30 days, and resupplied at Tuolumne,
      Reds Meadow, Muir Ranch and Charlotte Lake. We dropped small
      packages off at the first 2 on the way in, and mailed a bucket to
      Muir Ranch (~$45 + s/h). A friend hiked in to Muir Ranch with our
      fuel, and took out some clothes. Some internet friends brought in
      the last cache to Charlotte Lake. We were climbing Split Mtn on
      9/11 and didn't hear about it til 3 days later. Our friends still
      made the trip, and even brought newspapers to show us what was going
      on! >>
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