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5055Re: Boot recommendations

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  • jeff.hester
    Jul 5, 2009
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      Thanks for the tips! The Merrill Ventilator looks comfortable, but are they waterproof? I didn't see any mention.

      Also, I've seen some people shy away from "waterproof membrane" claiming that leaves a whole lot a shoe to still get wet and saturated. I see it more as a weight/performance tradeoff.

      I'll check them out as well as the Lowa (my son owns an older pair). I might even look at the newer Vasque -- the old ones served me well.

      The FiveFingers thing looks crazy! I'd seen them before, but shrugged them off as a novelty. Looking at the site more closely, I'm intrigued. I'v usually carried a pair of Teva sandals for stream crossing and wearing around camp. I might give FiveFingers a try, but boots are the first priority.
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