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474John Muir Trail Update

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  • obi_wan_canoli
    Mar 17, 2002
      Just a note here to update our JMT plans for this summer... Permit
      received for August 4th (Sunday) entry, Bear Diversion Dam. We've
      reserved for 6 people, have 3 confirmed, another possible, thus, room
      for two. Headed to Whitney.

      Trip duration is 12 days +/-, and a resupply is also on the agenda
      (Thanks, SN!)

      If you're interested in joining us, here's what I can tell you so

      1 at 28, 1 @ 49, 2 more @ 50+, 1 possible @ 25. Two are single, three
      married, and we're all hoping to share the experience with other,
      like-minded companions. We're all male, save one, and we welcome any
      age, any gender. Experience recommended, maturity & responsibility
      advised. No axe murderers, no rapists, no politicians. For some, this
      is the 2nd time around. Me? My first time on this half of the trail.
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