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43463Re: Sunglasses.

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  • Byron Nevins
    Jun 20, 2014
      I now carry super light throw-away sunglasses that my eye doctor hands out after dilating your pupils.  

      Why?  I was doing the Rae Lakes loop a few years ago in October.  I stopped for a break in thick forest.  Hung my sunglasses on a branch.  And I forgot all about them.  3-4 miles later when I got out of the forest I remembered but I didn't want to backtrack.  So I toughed it out.  I went over Glen Pass which had received a dusting of incredibly bright snow.

      I ended up frying my corneas. Very painful.  No permanent damage.  

      Now I bring spares!  In a pinch you can also use doubled duct tape and cut slits into it.  You definitely need to do something, the sun can and will damage your eyes.
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