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43450Re: Sunglasses.

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  • berdomb
    Jun 19, 2014

      Prescription sunglasses here.
      Unfortunately, the good ones like Oakley, Maui Jim, etc are never available discounted

      However...if you have some health insurance with vision perks, some optical stores that carry them give a blanket ~40% discount.  Blue Cross has such a vision perks thing, and...hint...hint.. the stores NEVER want any proof, all they do is ask if you have Blue Cross, and you say yes.  Instant $200 discount

      Expect full retail for quality frame to be ~150-200, and lenses to be ~300 additional.  You really dont want to know what adding bifocals runs it up too, another 100-200.  But, the optics of the wrap around designs that the premium vendors provide, are exceptional.  Everything else, is really crap by comparison. I had one pair of simple cheap tinted lenses, and decided to pay whatever it cost for good ones.

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