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  • eric schultz
    May 17 12:18 PM
    I know I posted earlier that I want to just hike the JMT without a specific plan.   I now feel I need  some plan of attack for a couple of reasons.
    1.  I need to meet some friends at the Whitney Portal on 9/1(starting Aug16th).  I don't want to fall that far behind the finish date.
    2.  I  figured out that I need to know how much food and fuel to plan for.  I would like to eat a meal at TM, RM, MTR.
    3  I  would like to make sure that I have enough time to enjoy the scenery. 
    4. I am a first time thru hiker and going solo.  I do not want to put myself in a bad spot.
     Please look at the 2 different itineraries that I have posted.  I planned for 16 days but I have 17 days. The notes listed on the right of the first trip plan is what was going through my head as I planned both.  Any different ideas on any day is welcomed especially the last.  I used Wenk, Rippel, and other trip reports posted on the web.  I will adjust as needed in the field. 
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